1. Check-in and key collecting: from 3 p.m to 8 p.m. The bill must be settled at the chek-in. For every hour after 20:00 the check in service is € 15,00
2. Check-out: upon departure you must leave the accommodation not later than 9 a.m.
3. On arrival a refundable deposit of 300 € is required. It will be refunded on departure date, after a thorough inspection of the unit, which must be left as tidy and clean as it was on arrival. Failing this, any resulting cost will be charged.
4. Smoking is forbidden inside our units.
5. In compliance with law provisions animals are not allowed inside accommodation.

Guests are kindly requested to observe the Campsite regulations. Any customer who seriously breaks these rules may be asked to leave the Campsite. Camping staff is authorized to grant the observance of these rules.

1. Chek-in: from 3 p.m to 8 p.m. For every hour after 20:00 the check in service is € 15,00
2. Check-out: the bill must be settled 2 days before departure from 8 a.m. to 12 a.m.
3. Payment will be calculated on a daily basis and departure time must be by 12 a.m. The number of guests registered on the time of arrival will be the number charged on departure, irrelevant of any days absent during the period booked.
4. Tents or caravans may be sited only as instructed by camping management.
5. Pitches are well marked out, therefore all equipment must be kept inside the plot, including car. On the indicated area the following are allowed:
a) 1 caravan + 1 car;
b) 1 tent + 1 car/motorbike;
c) 1 campervan.
6. Anything else will be considered extra according to the effective pricelist.
7. The digging of trenches, fencing, paling and stretching of ropes at eye-level are not allowed, nor under any circumstances are open fires allowed on the Campsite or beach.
8. Washing facilities will be open progressively according to the number and requirements of people staying on site.
9. Showers are free of charge, but they are regulated with a timer. Please notice instructions displayed on facilities wall.

Art.1 - Entrance regulations and requisites
Customers entrance is allowed after registration of their documents (ID or passport) at the reception during office hours 8-13 / 15-20. To avoid overcrowding, the management has the right to refuse to admit guests or visitors without prior authorization. All visitors are required to leave a valid ID document at reception and to collect them before office closing time, i.e. 20:00. Having said that, the pitch will be allocated to users clear of things and people. The pitch cannot be changed, fenced or otherwise occupied without management’s written authorization. At the end of the stay the pitch must be left clear of all users’ belongings no later than 10:00 a.m. on departure day.

Art.2 - Visitors – guests – minors admittance
It is called a “visitor” anyone who is staying inside the camping area from 08:00 to 20:00 and will not stay overnight. In case the visitor will be found inside the campsite after 20:00 and till 08:00, he/she will be reported to the relevant Law Authorities. It is called a “guest” the person who, in addition to staying, will stay inside the campsite overnight. In case the visitor or guest is a minor the following is compulsory to allow his/her stay inside the camping area:
a)    a written permission of his/her parents or guardian to be handed over to the reception manager upon arrival;
b)    signature of a form before the minor is entrusted to the user.

Art.3 - Times – motor vehicles entry and exit - prohibitions – sleep and rest – authorized vehicles admittion
Barrier is closed from 13:00 to 15:30 and from 23:30 to 07:00, it is therefore not possible to get in and out by car at these times, unless in case of urgent reasons. Vehicles must be parked inside the provided parking areas without occupying the places for tents nor of sleeping vehicles. Parking spaces cannot be transferred by the user to anyone else, only the camping management can use the space in absence of the user. The management can redistribute the park spaces of each user at its final discretion. Within the campsite scooters and motorcycles must coast (engine off). Absolute silence must be observed from 23:30 to 07:00 and from 13:00 to 15:30 not to disturb campers’ sleep nor rest; to make a few examples: it is forbidden to use any electrical appliance, TVs and radios included; children must be looked after so that they won’t disturb other campers; campers cannot gather in a group to eat or talk; etc.
Only medium sized cars can enter the campsite. The entrance is not allowed to large vehicles such as for example: motor caravans, trucks, vans, minibus, minivans, lorries, etc.

Art.4 - Consumptions
Electrical connection to sockets with standard plugs is allowed to a maximum of 3 amperes. The electrical system which connects the roulotte to the socket shall be in accordance with the law and fireproof (H07 RN-F 3x2,5). Gas pipes belonging to campers should be preferably of copper and they must be regularly checked by users. Users are liable for any damage caused by the malfunctioning or not complying with the law of their gas installation and/or electrical system. A copy of the document certifying compliance with the law of their gas installation and/or electrical system, as well as of any other system in use, must be handed over to the Management by the users themselves.

Art.5 - Camper’s rights and obligations
Each camper has the right to a clean, safe and welcoming environment, it is therefore required to each user:
a)    to respect the green, the ground, the hygiene and the cleanliness of campsite;
b)    not to climb trees;
c)    not to light fires in the campsite nor throw rubbish on the ground (either for safety or for hygiene reasons);
d)    not to smoke in the swimming-pool and toilets area;
e)    to use only gas grill with lava stones or similar (no charcoal, wood, etc. allowed) provided smoke doesn’t disturb neighbours and it doesn’t ruin the grass and the ground under the grill itself;
f)    to put rubbish into separated containers to be disposed of  in the correct containers outside the campsite;
g)    to wash clothes and dishes in the specially marked places;
h)    to leave toilets and pitches perfectly clean and tidy;
i)    to look after his/her under age children inside the campsite and, for safety reasons, to attend them while using toilets;
j)    not to wash his/her car nor sleeping vehicle inside the campsite;
k)    to use drinkable water sensibly and only for primary use;
l)    to report immediately to the camping doctor or to the management any infectious disease;
m)    not to damage campsite trees and plants, not even their branches, nor camping equipment; not to drive nails, nor dig trenches around the tent, nor pour boiling, salted or waste liquid on the ground;
n)    not to act as to endanger the other campers as for examples by stretching ropes from one end to the other of the pitch for whatever reason;

The user who wants to keep a pet inside the campsite, besides the payment of the daily rate, must stick to the following rules:
1)    the pet must be in order for what concerns the health aspects in accordance with government regulations (vaccinations);
2)    a copy of pet’s insurance policy against third party risks must be handed over to the management before the beginning of summer season;
3)    the owner must show the sanitary book of the pet together with a photo of the pet for its identification;
4)    pets are not admitted inside common places, they must be accompanied outside the campsite for their bodily needs and must be kept on a lead inside the pitch in order not to disturb nor damage whoever, moreover, dogs shall be muzzled;
5)    pets can only walk on the main paths to the exit of the campsite;
6)    secondary paths to bring pets out of the campsite are not allowed;
7)    it is not allowed to take pets for a walk within the campsite;
8)    only small and medium sized pets are allowed.
Any lost property found in the campsite must be handed over to the reception desk so as to return it to its lawful owner. If anyone takes possession of other people’s property he/she will be handed in to the police. The user, before winter closing, shall take off any valuable or dangerous equipment from his/her pitch, above all gas cylinders.

Art.6 - Final rules – rates – changes to regulations
These regulations, as an integral part of the agreement, are compulsory for all camping users, either residents, visitors or guests. A copy of the regulations is displayed on the noticeboard of the management office together with camping tariffs and rates; any future changes to the regulations will be displayed on the noticeboard.

Art. 1 - Regulations Subject-matter
Behaviour of swimming-pool users must comply with the rules under these Regulations.
Art. 2 - Calendar and opening hours
2.1 The swimming-pool is opened to campers according to the yearly schedule set by the camping Manager. A timetable with yearly opening days and hours is posted at the entrance to the swimming-pool and on the notice board outside the manager’s office, it likewise can be found on the camping website. As a general rule, the timetable will be the following: from May to September everyday: morning from 9 to 13.00, afternoon from 15:30 to 19.00.
2.2 Holiday campers are bound to observe the swimming-pool opening hours as above stated and any further rule connected with this observance, according to these Regulations.
2.3 In any case, bathers are expected to leave the pool at least 10 minutes before closing time. A special sound signal will inform them when this time has elapsed.
Art. 3 - Swimming-pool Admittance
3.1 Campers only are admitted into the swimming-pool.
Art. 4 - Admittance Restrictions to the Swimming-pool
4.1 It is strictly forbidden to enter the pool in case of wounds, bleeding, injuries and bandages or plasters, unless a medical certificate has been shown. People suffering from any pathology which could be risky for swimming-pool usage are required to inform about their health conditions the bathing-attendant on duty before entering the water, this to their and other people’s safety.

4.2 - Children aged under 14 are not admitted into the swimming-pool unless accompanied by people of age who are fully responsible for them. In order to allow the entrance and use of the swimming-pool, the camping staff check the age of unaccompanied children asking them to show  their identification document.
4.3 In order to safeguard every user’s right to his own safety and to a peaceful stay in the swimming-pool the Manager, by means of his staff, has authority to expel from the swimming-pool those whose behaviour disturbs the peace or morals or rather that making loud noise, dangerous games or similar behaviour jeopardize other users’ safety or prejudice the regular functioning of the service.

Art. 5 - Prohibitions
5.1 Inside the swimming-pool area it is forbidden to:
a) take dogs or any other animals;
b) smoke (the prohibition is extended to any other area excepting those where it is explicitly allowed to smoke);
c) eat and/or drink in the showers and swimming-pool area;
d) take cameras or video cameras without previous authorization, verbal at least, by the swimming-pool staff;
e) wear shoes inside the bathers precincts;
f) take radios, and digital sound devices or other electrical equipments without previous authorization by the staff;
g) skip feet wash-basins;
h) cling to showers or other supports inside the shower-room;
i) take gym equipments or other material without previous authorization by the staff;
j) take underwater fishing equipments;
k) take and use underwater cameras or video cameras or scuba-diving equipments, unless previously authorized by the staff;
l) play ball inside or on the swimming-pool edge;
m) make noise, push, run, disturb the bathers or jeopardize one’s or other people’s safety;
n) have a shower, a bath or rather stay in the swimming-pool area without wearing a costume or a swim-suit (women’s topless is not allowed);
o) take into the swimming-pool any kind of object: balls, floating boards, inflatable mattress included and especially glass objects. The use of water wings as well as of teaching material is allowed inside the swimming-pool, if placed at bathers’ disposal by the staff;
p) dive from diving-boards,  running jumps or backward dives;
q) spit into water or pour any kind of liquid into it;
r) urinate, defecate and wash any wounds in the swimming-pool
s) bathe when one or more parts of the body are covered wit oils, creams or similar substances of any other kind, hair or skin dyes included;
t) throw any clothes into the swimming-pool.

5.2 Non-compliance with the prohibitions under this article will result in the expulsion of the offender from the swimming-pool precinct and in the compensation for the damages caused by his misconduct, if it is the case;

Art. 6 - Rules for the use of the plant
6.1 For hygienic reasons it is compulsory to have a shower using soap before entering into the swimming-pool. It is allowed to reach the swimming-pool room only wearing plastic sandals.

6.2 Children can use the swimming-pool for adults only if accompanied by one of them.

6.3 Specially inexpert bathers are required to keep inside the security area, that is that part of the swimming-pool where it is possible to rest one’s feet on the swimming-pool floor keeping one’s head out of the water or stay by the edge of the swimming-pool where it is possible to cling to supports.

6.4 Inside the swimming-pool:
a) wearing glasses or sun-glasses is not allowed;
b) wearing swim-goggles with shatter-proof lenses is allowed;
c) wearing a bathing cap is compulsory;

6.5 It is recommended to swim avoiding to disturb and/or to hamper the other swimmers.
6.6 In case a sound signal (given out in case of emergency) is heard, or any other signal, also a verbal one, uttered by a staff member, the bathers must get out of the swimming-pool rapidly.
6.7 It is compulsory to use litterbins to throw away rubbish.
6.8 It is forbidden to take into the swimming-pool area beach-umbrellas, strollers, stools, chairs, deck-chairs, tables or similar. It is possible to use beach-umbrellas, deck-chairs and tables belonging to the camping manager upon daily booking.
Art. 7 Interruption of bathers entrance
7.1 It lays upon the Manager the decision to temporarily interrupt bathers entrance in the following cases:
a) overcrowding of the swimming-pool such that it could be dangerous for the users;
b) urgent need to put restoration interventions for the functionality and safety of the plant into execution;
c) emergency situations from which any danger for the bathers or the staff could result, if only potentially.

Art. 8 Damages
8.1 All the structural parts of the swimming-pool as well as the equipments and the materials which constitute its equipment must be used with the utmost care.
8.2 Any possible damage caused to the plant and to its equipment and materials as well as to their surrounding areas will be debited to the offenders by asking them an immediate compensation for the expenses met to restore the damage.
Art. 9 Responsibility
9.1 The responsibility for the use of the swimming-pool, its rooms, furniture and equipments rests entirely on the swimmers and their companions, the Manager has no liability whatsoever, except for defects of the plant structure.

Art. 10 Staff’s duties
10.1 The Manager, the bathing-attendants and all the staff members on duty at the swimming-pool are obliged to enforce these Regulations.